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  • ONLY by appointment / 3408 Avenue W NW Unit 6 Winter Haven Florida 33881 U.S.A
  • +1 321-888-0527

***SOLD*** 2003 BMW X5 Automatic Clean Title


$1 990

2003 SUV clean-title-details-in-engine-and-body

Clean title
✅YES Cash Offer
✅YES Lowest Price


IMPORTANT NOTE: Car has been parked for a year. Battery must be recharged. Engine needs work. Details in interior and exterior.

Body SUV
Fuel type Gasoline
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color
Interior Color Beige


✅YES Cash Offer: Our goal is simple: win-win. We sell cheap in cash, you SAVE up to 30% compared to our largest competitors.

✅YES Lowest Price: We accommodate all tastes, needs and budgets.

MSRP $4 000
$1 990
Instant Saving $2 010
Vehicle General Review


Percent of Drivers recommend this car

User Rating: 4.69 ( 11 votes)
Frequently asked questions

Does it work for you?

If what you are looking for is a certified vehicle and at the best price on the market, this is your opportunity.

We seek to establish long-term relationships with clients and that is only possible by offering the BEST option.

Save money, avoid unpayable credits and avoid problems with vehicles of dubious quality.

About warranty

The best guarantee is good faith.

Due to the low prices at which we sell and therefore the low profit margins, vehicles are sold as is and where they are as required by Florida law.

Confidence buying your vehicle

We have been marketing vehicles for over 10 years and have an impeccable reputation on the internet, social media and traditional media.

EVERY day we look for better ways to benefit the client by looking for the vehicles at the best price, the best quality and implementing technology to make the process easier, faster and easier for the client.

Paper work

Here we do not sell to sell, here we advise our clients.

That is why, always based on the law, we help you with the documentation and procedures so that everything is in order.

Could you get me a specific vehicle?

Yes of course, we can help you find vehicles of any make / model / year / etc.

What types of titles are they?

We offer clean titles (most) and rebuilt titles.

We serve customers who want a VERY low price and who know that many times the vehicle has been declared “rebuilt” for little things and is even better than a clean title.

About price / credit

We work hard to offer the best price, that is, that the type and quality of vehicle you receive is the best on the market.

Instead of giving a high down payment / premium and being paid high monthly payments, better a single payment and the car is yours without owing anything to anyone.

Do you receive a vehicle?

If we do it.

Our core business is cash and cash sales as our profit margins are small.

It is possible that the sale and or purchase price of your vehicle will be affected.

Do you help to sell my car?

Yes, of course, if you want to put your vehicle up for sale, we can coordinate to receive it on consignment and find the best possible buyer for you.

Do you export vehicles?

Yes, of course, we can advise with the export of vehicles as long as your country allows the import.

Support and Confidence
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